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eggplant yum

I love cooking with eggplant because it’s such a meaty vegetable. I have two eggplant recipes for you: “milk” honey eggplant & eggplant parmigiana. You can vegan-ize either recipe.

The “Milk” Honey Eggplant is good for a lunch or light dinner.  Eggplant parmigiana serves as comfort food for me! Note: I give you my tomato sauce recipe – it is not exact. I don’t really follow a recipe for this, just watching my parents make sauce over the years! I just kinda throw things in the pot, using different vegetables or herbs when I feel like it – maybe that’s why majority of my organic chemistry experiments failed in undergrad.  However, I wrote down what I did for this sauce just for you!

Side note: If you want some REALLY good jarred sauce, check out 825 Main Sauce.  I refuse to buy jar sauce in the stores, but this one is made by my family in NY and it’s just as good as fresh sauce!  My aunt and uncle started this business after they closed a family restaurant that had been cooking homemade Italian food for 50 years! Yeah, I trust their tomato sauce 🙂

GOOD VEGAN CHEESE ALERT! Regarding the eggplant parm, I have made a very exciting discovery.  My local Trader Joe’s has now started carrying VEGAN CHEESE!  For awhile I was buying their soy cheese, without reading the label, and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling right.  I read the label one day and saw it contains MILK PRODUCTS! What da hell. They advertise soy cheese, but it has milk in it. Makes no sense.  So my husband and I returned all the varieties of “soy cheese” we bought and complained. The next week we went in, and they had purely vegan cheese! I was so excited.  We bought the mozzarella kind, and it is pretty good.  I am not a fan of Daiya cheese.  I don’t know why, I just don’t really like it.  My friend said it looks/taste like mayonnaise  which made me like it even less. But I have found a brand at Whole Foods I like called Galaxy foods in a purple package.


Vegan Mozzarella from Trader Joes! Feels like Christmas to find a good vegan cheese.

Now for the recipes. I’ll do the easy one first:

“Milk” Honey Eggplant

4 servings

1 eggplants, peeled and sliced

2 c soy milk (enough to cover slices)

honey or agave to drizzle

olive oil

bowl of flour


goat cheese to top, optional

1. soak eggplant in soy milk for 1 hour

2. dredge eggplant in flour

3. put some olive oil in a pan and heat to medium

4. fry a couple of slices of eggplant in olive oil until golden brown. flip.

5. drizzle honey or agave on top

6. sprinkle goat cheese crumbles



“Milk” Honey Eggplant. I found these goat cheese crumbles, and I am kind of obsessed with putting them on everything.

Eggplant Parmigiana 

4 servings

1 eggplant, sliced thin

1/2 bag Trader Joes vegan mozzarella

1/2 box Farfalle pasta (or whatever pasta you desire, Farfalle is my personal favorite)

eggwash: 3 egg yolks in a bowl, 1 1/2 c flour in bowl

*to make this recipe vegan, soak eggplant in milk for an hour, then coat with flour like above recipe

sauce: 1 can (24 oz) crushed tomatos, 4 cloves garlic (minced), 1 mushroom (sliced), 1 Tbsp parsley (chopped), 1 tsp dried oregano or herbs de province, Salt and Pepper to taste (you use more salt than you think, but just taste as you go.  Hey, a good cook will taste their food!)

1. Put enough olive oil in the bottom of the pain so you can fry the eggplant.  Less is more.  Heat to medium, no higher or else you will get hot oil splattering.

2. Dip eggplant in egg yolk, coating evenly.  Wipe off any excess egg yolk, then dip in flour, coating evenly.  Put slice in oil.  Usually, you can put 3 slices at a time.  Fry until golden brown and flip, frying each side until perfection.

3. While you are frying slices, make your sauce.  Put some olive oil in the bottom of a big pot on medium heat, and saute minced garlic.  Don’t burn the garlic!

4. Once the garlic is starting to turn golden, dump the whole can of crushed tomatos. Simmer for 5 minutes.

5. Add mushroom, parsley, oregano/herbs de province, S&P.  Lower to low heat, and keep there until ready to use.  Taste from time to time to see if you need to add salt.

6. Sauce is done, eggplant is fried, so put another pot on the stove and boil water.  Once water is boiling, add half the box of Farfalle.

7.  While pasta is cooking, pre-heat oven to 350 degF.

8.  Layer fried eggplant in a baking dish, separating layers with tomato sauce.  Keep some tomato sauce to put onto of Farfalle.

9. Sprinkle Trader Joes vegan mozzarella on top.  Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

10. Serve eggplant on top of pasta, using remainder sauce to top.


eggplant is pretty and pretty delicious.

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