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chocolate & chia

I discovered chia seeds at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.  My friend introduced me to kombucha, and the kind that I drank was grape flavored with chia seeds.  Besides them being a great source for omega-3 FAs and fiber, they are like candy to me.  They absorb 10x weight when put in a liquid, so they blow up like little jelly beads! How fun.  Because they expand, you will feel full, too. Chia seeds have been deemed the “runners superfood” & some suggest that they can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease & diabetes, but most studies done on chia seeds are animal studies or studies that involve a small amount of human subjects, so there are still areas to research to more thoroughly understand the benefits.

Regardless, they have a high amount of omega-3s and they are yummy.  You can add them to smoothies, on yogurt, in juice, or whatever, really.  I get mine from Trader Joes.  If you want to make them expand before you put them in a drink, I go by this ratio: 1/4 c chia seeds to 1 c liquid. Let it sit for at least 24 hours.

My favorite way to enjoy them is in chocolate soy milk.  I soak 1/4 c chia seeds in 1 c chocolate soy milk and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.  It makes chocolate pudding!  Sometimes I will put a spoonful or two in the bottom of a cup and top it off with chocolate soy milk and drink it like that.  I have found this a great snack in between teaching & practicing Bikram yoga classes, or for breakfast if I don’t want to eat too much before class.


1/4 c chia for 1 c chocolate soy milk (or whatever liquid you desire). Blowing up the chia seeds for chocolate pudding or to add to MORE chocolate soy milk!


While on the subject of chocolate, I love it. After being dairy-free, I have had to like dark chocolate.  But you have to be careful, because a lot of dark chocolate still has dairy in it! Wah. If you are having a SERIOUS chocolate craving, I suggest this smoothie: Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie.  Might sound too …… I don’t know, gross? Or chocolatey? Or ew, my grandma eats chocolate covered cherries and those gross me out. But no, this is SO good.  You can buy a bag of frozen dark cherries for like $3 at Whole Foods (my local TJ’s doesn’t carry frozen cherries).  It’s kind of like a chocolatey milkshake, but you don’t feel guilty drinking it.  Try it, it’s good.

1 c soy or almond milk

1 c frozen dark cherries

2 Tbsp cocoa powder (I use dark chocolate coca powder)

1 Tbsp honey/agave

1 c ice

1 Tbsp minature chocolate chips to top it off with


Chocolate Covered Cherry Soy Smoothie

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