apres yoga salad

i eat a lot of salad. sometimes i just crave raw greens. i’ve always been salad-obsessed since i was little. my aunt sharon says the reason i like salads was because when i was little she told me if i ate them i’d be skinny (did she lie to me?). my mom says this isn’t why i like salads, but because my nonna (italian grandma) always made the best salads and i always ate her salads at her house and when we went out to eat. who knows, all i know is i like salads. all kinds, too! fruit salads, green salads, bean salads, whatevs.

often times i crave salads after i practice. this morning someone asked me after class what i recommend eating AFTER class. i was like what? normally people ask what to eat BEFORE class. anyway, i don’t even remember what i told her or suggested.  but then it made me wonder what DO i eat after class – normally salads! i admit sometimes it’s a burger, or ….. bojangles, LOL, but that’s just from time to time. hey – your body will crave what it needs! for sure learned that at teacher training.

i taught 2 classes this morning, then i took one class this afternoon. lots of time in the torture chamber! i came home and i immediately went for the cannellini beans. i thought i’d share this favorite after-yoga salad. it seems to have all the essentials: leafy greens, salt from capers, and protein from the beans. nothing is to measure, just add the following:

  • cannellini beans
  • arugula
  • tomatoes 
  • raw garlic (the more the better!)
  • capers (or your favorite pickled asparagus, from uncle RJ – do you have one of those?)
  • olive oil
  • pepper

it’s the simple things in life.

ps – my inspiration for this favorite is from Sosta’s in downtown Raleigh. check ’em out. little French/Italian cafe. 


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