“you know Elizabeth Taylor? she loves me.”

It has taken me so long to write about week 8, because week 8 was the week of some serious sleep deprivation!!!! We watched the favorite Mahabarata Tuesday night.  If you haven’t learned by now, this is what Bikram likes for us to watch so we can understand why Indian culture is the way it is, and the origin of the different limbs of yoga.  Sounds cool, but it is so boring! Bikram even jokes with us sometimes and says if we make him mad, he will make us watch Mahbarabata until the sun comes up! Then everyone starts groaning in agony.  There was his one horse scene one time and it was the same shots played over and over with very annoying horse noise.  Then there was another scene of a woman drowning her babies, one after the next.  They were all the same baby, same shot, just put on repeat! Oh boy.  So – we were up that night watching that.  Then, Friday night we started  Bollywood movie at midnight – yes MIDNIGHT!!! We don’t go to bed any earlier than midnight around here, and we were already sleep deprived from our late night Mahabarata night earlier in the week, and then we had this! Everyone was dragging in Saturday morning class with Rajashree to say the least.  She asked us what was wrong with us, if our back hurt.  I was thinking to myself ‘NO! your husband kept us up all week!!’  Someone told me at the beginning of training that sleep deprivation makes the yoga better because you don’t think you just do.  We all know that the mind is a “bad neighborhood, and to get out of there” because a lot of the times what we can or cannot do isn’t determined by strength but by our mental capacity. 

Every time I take Emmys class I feel like my practice grows by the miles.  My favorite thing is she tells us to BANG our foreheads on our knees in the sit up.  She says “BANG BANG shake your brain up.” LOL

Today was my favorite class with Emmy EVER, and tonight was my favorite class with Bikram EVER.  Everyone even stood up after khaplabati breathing to give Emmy a standing ovation. 

Over the past 10 days we have had lectures from the Bikram Balance creator (speaking about importance of electrolytes), a quantum physicist, doctors, yoga therapists, how to open your own studio, and in depth discussion from Rajashree and Bikram on the 26th postures.  We also watched the advanced class done by Bikram and Emmy along with about 20 other students.  When I get back home and settled, I promise to write a more thoughtful conclusion to teacher training!  I will leave you with my favorite Bikramisms of the week:

“what the shit is that?” [usually referring to someone doing a posture incorrectly]

 “you have a junk body and screw loose brain.”

 “so simple, easy way, the most idiot person can understand.”

 “you have to practice yoga everyday, just like you flush the toilet every day – or else the shit will stink really bad.”

“you have no idea.”

“what time is it? I can’t see, too many diamonds.”

“if you like it, give me credit.  If you don’t like it, blame my guru.”

“in my class, no mercy. Eat shit and die.”

AND on that note – Change 🙂

last 2 classes of BYTT tomorrow!!!!


Hilary and I went for Korean BBQ this past weekend. It seems to be the theme of the weekend – EATING!


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