kicking and stretching is equal and simultaneous: 50/50

We’re at the halfway point!!! I’m so excited. I feel like i’m at the full expression of Standing Bow. Kicking and stretching HAVE to be equal and simultaneous or else you’ll fall out. I don’t think I’ve fallen out yet, so I must be doing something right.  Kicking and stretching my body, mind, and spirit every day.

My mom and sister are coming today – they arrive at 11pm west coast time. I will most likely be in either posture clinic or lecture when they arrive. Wahhh can’t wait for them to get here.  They will be taking class Thursday and Friday morning and evening, and then the morning class on Saturday. I can’t wait for them to take class with Emmy and Bikram! They are in for a treat! Then, we should find some donuts because I’ve been craving them. 

I’m actually happy to say Bikram has been back teaching this week! I’ve missed his classes. He pushes us really hard, but he is humorous (or I think so at least), and I love learning from him.  We continue to have lots of visiting teachers from all over teach and help us in posture clinic. We are whirling through the dialogue – already on floor series! I’m happy to learn that we will be done with posture clinics by the end of this month. While I learned the majority of the dialogue beforehand, sitting on the floor in posture clinics for about 6 hours a day is not so pleasant! However, it is so encouraging and uplifting to see some of my group members really get a grasp on their dialogue and delivery. I love it!

I don’t know what has happened to week 5, but I am all of a sudden starting to feel really sore. I haven’t felt sore until now. I’m not sure if it’s because the heat/humidity has been not what it usually it is (it has felt colder in class) and that’s why, or maybeeee because we are, I don’t know, on class #46 in 4.5 weeks?! LOL. I did, for the first time EVER, wrap my foot in Eagle Pose!! I could only wrap it on one side, but it’s the small yoga victories that count. I will never, ever forget when I went to a seminar with Lynn Witlow in Richmond, VA and she told us it took her FIFTEEN years to wrap her foot in Eagle. Wow. That makes me feel better when I look around me at TT and see that most everyone can wrap their foot (even men!).  but, maybe my hips and knees are starting to open up to the point where I can get that dang foot around my calf muscle.  Wanna know something else I’ve been doing? Locking my knee! I figured out how to really lock my knee just right before I came to TT, but since at TT my hamstrings have gotten really stiff. Almost like I am losing flexibility in them – which I hear is common for people at TT because of the amount of practice we are doing and because our strength is increasing. So because of my tight hamstrings, it FORCES me to lock my knee.  Why? Because when you contract your thigh muscle (quads) it automatically relaxes your hamstrings.  Even our anatomy teacher says so! So now I really believe it, lol.  So while my quads are getting stronger, I am using that as an advantage to relax my hamstrings so they can stretch, all the while LOCKING MY KNEE!  I don’t think that without this process of BYTT that I could truly understanding locking the knee.  Okay enough about that.

I heard that people pee on their yoga mats in the room? What the hell. People are seriously so strange. If there’s anything I learn from this it is that people are strange. People are also being told not to wash their yucky yoga clothes in the pool? Really? Use your brain.  The hotel has asked us not to practice dialogue in the main lobby of the hotel. Probably because we all look really strange shouting out commands like “MORE UP, GO UP, MAKE SURE YOUR BACK HURTS!”… I mean really, that sounds kind of weird. Also, I find it very strange that in Bikram we say “kill yourself” in a posture. Students respond, yeah okay I will do that. For non-bikram yogis it doesn’t mean to literally kill yourself, but to just struggle so hard and use all your strength. But still, kind of weird. One teacher last week said “backbends are great because no matter how hard you try to kill yourself in them, you never can – you just live longer”. While I’m like oh yeah that’s awesome!!!! Later I’m like, wait we are so WEIRD! But I love it.

Well, I think I will go get a coffee before I meet some people to study some more. We all work around tea, coffee, little food, little sleep, lots of study, lots of love, and lots of yoga.


Xo Christina


One thought on “kicking and stretching is equal and simultaneous: 50/50

  1. tdforlc says:

    Love this, Christina! definitely small victories are everything 🙂 keep it up! Kill yourself, kill your ego, kill your mind 🙂 Here’s to the second half of an amazing journey

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