use what you have to get what you want

week 4 is almost to an end! time is flying by. before i know it i will be standing on the podium! i am so excited to teach this yoga. 

i can’t get over the energy in the yoga room. i was told that my personal stamina would not be compatible with 9 weeks of doubles, but i am rocking it out over here in LA. physically, i feel so strong. i have noticed i have lost some flexibility, specifically in my hamstrings, but my strength has improved tremendously.  when i don’t feel like doing camel, i look at the 10 foot radius around me, which contains about 25 yogis lol, and i do camel. the energy, encouragement, and compassion is amazing! i’ve said before, but the double yoga classes daily is really the gold of this training – it’s what i look for because i know for at least 3 hours a day, i get to turn my mind off (or try to at least!).  

i’ve enjoyed all the visiting teachers we’ve had. i learn something new in everyone’s class, and afterwards all the teachers share with us how nervous they were to teach on the GIANT podium in the room.  this is settling to all of us trainees, because standing up in posture clinics delivering dialogue is SCARY!  it’s getting more and more comfortable, but can still be nerve racking.  speaking of posture clinics – we’ve spent so much time in PC this week! i am probably delivering standing separate leg stretching pose tonight, so you can see we have gotten far! 

i feel so lucky we got taught by two yoga champions this week – Ida and Joseph. [click the link to learn more about Joseph and how and why he came to yoga! – it will inspire you!]  they were amazing instructors, along with all our other visiting teachers! joseph’s class was phenomenal! SO much energy and you could literally feel him smiling through his dialogue. if you ever have the opportunity to take a class with him i highly suggest it! he even hand delivered a card to me from my mom and sister when he was in Raleigh, NC last weekend.  He was in our posture clinic yesterday and was so insightful, encouraging, and helpful. 

We’ve had teachers from all over – Utah, Cali, Canada, Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas to name a few. It’s so interesting to see teachers come back and talk so highly of training.  One teacher even described it as, “the worlds best kept secret”. i don’t know if i’d say that quite yet, but i’ve been enjoying the majority of training and have been having lots of fun.  my friend Hilary and I were talking about how people are starting to get really strange around here – people walking around saying dialogue to themselves, people yelling dialogue in the stairwells to listen to the echo, etc.

oh – and the fresh squeezed orange juice in the hotel is THE BEST. i saw emmy drinking some during class yesterday, and i was like if she drinks fresh squeezed orange juice, then i should too. what an inspiration she is! we had a big lecture with her on PAIN, and i loved it. she is so knowledgeable and direct. she tells you like it is. my favorite thing she said regarding what to do about soreness (ya know, that thing that accompanies our body after almost every yoga class): “just learn to deal with it, don’t be a drama queen.” 

Our anatomy teacher, who is hilarious and definitely will keep you entertained on those anatomy lectures until midnight, says that the night sweats i’ve been having is normal! my roommate and i have been laughing about how we wake up at like 2AM in a puddle! the other night i woke up and thought i slept walked to the shower because my head was soaking wet! he said that since we’re in the hot room twice a day and drinking so much water, the only time our bodies can decrease our ADH levels is at night – when we’re not rehydrating like crazy and not sweating everything out in the hot room. i thought there was something wrong with me for a minute there.

i can’t stop eating swiss cake rolls, guacamole, or goat brie. all i know, is when i get home i can’t wait for some steak, mashed potatoes, and a glass of red wine. the indian food truck stood us all up both times this week. that was lame. 

this weekend i’m going to review the dialogue with a friend, and probably go back to manhattan beach. i think i need some retail therapy and food therapy from this yoga bubble! i may try a class at the manhattan beach studio – i’m curious to see what it feels like to practice in a regular studio again! 



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