indian food truck saves my day.

We’re into the thick of week 3, and things are interesting!

I woke up this morning to my 7AM alarm, and I literally saw the movie Groundhog Day flash before my eyes. The first 2 weeks, it was the theme song to Twilight Zone, but today it was Groundhog Day.

We started posture clinics this week, as we finished half moon with Bikram last week.  I never knew how nerve racking posture clinics would be, but I am learning a lot from all different teachers who lead our posture clinics as well as other trainees as we deliver different parts of the dialogue. I am so glad I learned the dialogue before I came, so here I am mainly working on reinforcing the words and delivery with bodies in front of me.  One teacher said that the words are called a DIALOGUE and not a MONOLOGUE! We are communicating this yoga to others through words, not our actions.  A 5 foot 9 teacher who weighs 180 pounds will have a different triangle than a 5 foot 1 102 pound student.  This is why it is so important for teachers and students to use the dialogue, listen, and concentrate to the words to apply to their very own body.  The dialogue is so deep.  Everything you need to know about how to do the postures is exactly written in the dialogue, and it is our job to pass these words to our students.  Our minds, your body.  One of my favorite senior teachers says that the hardest part of Bikram yoga is LISTENING to the dialogue for the whole 90 minutes.  In this yoga we use our bodies as a medium to control our minds.  Purely beautiful and authentic. Love it.

I have stayed at the hotel for the past 3 weeks – only leave to walk a mile to Ralphs, Trader Joes, and a Mexican Restaurant.  I am SO excited for an adventure to Manhattan Beach this weekend – maybe a little shopping, some sun, rest, studying in the sand, and sushi.  I can live with that.  

This week we’ve had a lot of guest teachers from all over, and I’ve enjoyed that so much.  Every teacher has something new to share.  One of the teachers earlier this week starting singing “Sweet Caroline” during locust pose.  When we all put our arms out to the side she started singing “touching me, touching youuuuuuuu”, and when we all lifted up there were 442 of us singing “SWEETTT CAROLINE BUM BUM BUMMMMM” – and I felt so happy!  Every class I go into, I’m a little crunchy and most definitely tired, but everything starts opening up, and I find myself giving 110% in all my classes.  The two classes a day is a GEM.  The lectures and posture clinics, I find, are what makes this process mentally draining.  I know in my 90 minute practice two times a day, I can quite my mind and it is such a sweet relief.  I am so grateful for all the teachers who come to share their knowledge and talent of the dialogue, postures, yoga, life, and friendship with all of us trainees!

PS – a hard boiled egg and the little pickles in a jar for Trader Joes make the best lunch, and the indian food truck that comes after the afternoon class 2 times a week is kind of amazing.


One thought on “indian food truck saves my day.

  1. Cynthia DeLay says:

    Great Blog and so happy things are going well as I KNEW they would!!!! Keep up the strong work and enjoy the beach this weekend

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