286 half moons

i fell in love with my practice this week. i’ve never had such strong classes: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. we were told several times, by teachers and staff, to take it easy – but i could not deny the energy of almost 500 yogis in one room, moving, breathing and sweating together. i am so interested to see how my practice evolves over the next 8 weeks as my body becomes more sore, tired, and open.

after everything i heard about TT before coming, you truly don’t get it until you are here, experiencing it 24/7. it is a lot like the twilight zone, feeling nauseous and dizzy all the time, like you’re on a never ending rollercoaster in a different galaxy. i call this yogastoned.

physically i felt very prepared by all the advice from my teachers and mentors. i have taken it all in and begun to shape what is working best for my body. i went through an entire 30 servings of electrolyte supplement in just 5 days! lemon, salt, and sugar water has also been good to me. while hydrating has been sufficient, eating has been a struggle. i’m anticipating that i have prepared better on this weekends shopping trips to make sure my body is nourished like it needs to be for 2 classes a day and little sleep.  i am hungry, my stomach is growling, but i can’t eat. it’s as if i have no appetite. pickles, eggs, ramen, kale, carrots, hummus, rice cakes, peanut butter, and crackers are what has been on the menu!

this experience is mind blowing. to practice yoga with your guru who created this series and created the dialogue is out of this world. to practice yoga with the most senior teachers, who have been learning, living, and experiencing this yoga for decades is priceless. i have learned so much the first week, and can’t wait to see what other knowledge i gain over the next 8 weeks.

i was told 2 things about the temperature of the room: it’s the hottest place on earth, and it is not hot at all. i don’t notice the heat here. i think it is because not one instructor even acknowledges the heat – it’s just there, there’s nothing we do about it, it is there to HELP us, so no need to get dramatic about it! i drink my entire 64 ounce (1.9 liter) hydroflask in the room. we were told by Emmy to come in with a beginners mind, and that how our practice normally is at home, forget about it. drink more water, eat before class, and really pay attention to your body. 

10 things that got me through this week: two hydroflasks, pickle juice, nailbed, strawberry smoothies, ice on my hamstring, putting stickers on my calendar (thanks Cheryl!), my roommate, cheeseburger on friday night, talking to home, finishing all the postures of the dialogue, being positive.

for the first time in my life, in my practice, after 427 yoga classes, and even after going to india and learning about yoga – i am truly beginning to understand what yoga is. i am at the beginning of my understanding.

“anything that takes a long time to achieve, lasts forever” – Bikram


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