you know all those things you wanted to do? you should do them.

leaving in two days! very excited to begin this experience. even more excited that i have a roommate (from a studio about an hour away) that is just as nervous/anxious as i am. it is a little calming to know what you are feeling is somewhat normal!

i picked up my last of necessities to bring – 5 bars of dark chocolate with sea salt. i figured the cacao would provide energy, and well, dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure – especially when i’m feeling sorry for myself, haha! hopefully there won’t be too much of that.

i am SO grateful for all the support from fellow practioners, instructors, my home studio’s owners, parents, family, husband, and loving friends. it feels like the past 2 weeks have been filled with lots of yoga love, well-wishes, support, advice, “survival tools”, and kind words. all these things have made leaving easy and hard.  hard, because i love home so much. easy, because i know i have great things to come home to!

i plan to teach my first class the first week i get back (week of thanksgiving). i am seriously so excited. i can’t wait to learn so much over the next 9 weeks, and then start sharing all the knowledge learnt, peace, and compassion from there on out!

Imagethe only posture i could manage in my wedding dress! (and i did attempt others)



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