east coast goes to west coast SO soon!

18 days until wheels up!

I’ve compiled a list of tips/advice/words of wisdom for BYTT, and I thought I’d share:

1)      you will never experience anything hotter.

2)      It’s not that hot.

3)      your practice will improve.

4)      your practice will suffer.

5)      Week 5 is “hell week”.

6)      Don’t wear or bring anything green.

7)      Bring an extra shower curtain rod to hang your yoga clothes & yoga mat.

8)      Have your family/friends visit if they are able. Familiar faces and something other than yoga to think about is refreshing.

9)      There are black floaties in the tap water at the hotel – bring a water filter.

10)   Bring a cushion – 4 hours of posture clinic/lecture may hurt your ass-asana.

11)   A 64 oz hydro flask growler is worth a million bucks.

12)   Bring some ice to class with you (in a hydroflask, or it will melt) in case you are having a difficult class.

13)   Nailbed, nailbed, nailbed.

14)   Learn as much dialogue (ideally ALL 26 postures) before you leave.

15)   Have no expectations.

16)   It will be the hardest thing you ever do.

17)   2 microwaves for 400 people does not make sense. Bring a hot plate to make some meals.

18)   Salt and lemon go a long way when you are dehydrated.

19)   Clean your mat with a spray bottle filled with water and tea tree oil.

20)   You will hate it, but you will love it all at the same time.

Other necessities I have decided to pack: my two cupper espresso pot, a journal, obvi my nailbed, all of my hydro flasks, a bathing suit, ultima, and Dr. Ray Long’s book: The Key Muscles of Yoga.

Packing clothes may be a challenge. I hear daily we need 2 yoga outfits for 2 classes, “teaching” outfit for posture clinic, and “comfy” clothes for lecture. Okay, I’ll go shopping – that’s no big deal 😉

I am SO SO SO lucky for all the love and support from my awesome husband, family, friends, and the incredible yoga teachers that continue to surround me & give me lots of yoga love. You guys rock.


2 thoughts on “east coast goes to west coast SO soon!

  1. pranaamy says:

    You know how much I love the teatree suggestion! Hope you’re packing the Dr. broners!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello. I am also going to TT this fall. SO soon! It is a bit overwhelming at times with all the advice out there, especially conflicting advice! Just like the millions before us, we will all make it!

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